Tuesday, 27 August 2013

THIRD and FOURTH talks.

The THIRD of my talks, which took place on the 7th August, attracted an average audience, but not as large as the last one. We took a look at all those (mostly long gone) inns, taverns and beer-houses, that lined the many narrow passages off the ancient Market Place in the 19th century.

We certainly didn't stray far from the Market Place; in fact, if there had been a disturbance or any other loud noise in any of them when they were in their pomp, you'd have heard it from the Obelisk.

The FOURTH talk was entitled "Where did that name come from?" and took a look at some of the unusually named houses that have existed over the years. From the "Amby Power" in Dale Street, off Stanley Street, to "Th'ole in't Wall" on Fylde Road. 
It also went be the name of "Princess Alexandra."

Quite fortuitously, there was a man in the audience who told us all that his grand-mother kept this pub in the early 20th century, and he told the rest of the audience that she had often told him that there was a gap in the wall leading onto and off the railway immediately next to it, with stone steps leading down onto Fylde Road, for the train drivers' and more importantly the stokers' convenience when passing on the main north - south railway line.

When I say convenience, it was for the purpose of getting a pint of ale, as opposed to any other kind of convenience.

The FIFTH and FINAL talk will be at 7.30pm on Wednesday 4th September, again in the Avenham Pavilion, and will look at how Preston grew in the 19th century, and how the 'watering holes' grew with it!

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